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Tired of being overweight? Doctors Weight Care Specialists is a medically assisted weight loss center that helps people with mild to severe obesity lose weight. The program is very safe and effective. As a client, you will be monitored by our doctor and a certified nutritionist weekly for 15–30 minutes to chart your healthy weight loss progress and success. You may be amazed to find that your elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels come into normal range. This has been the finding of many of our clients after a few visits.

The program is completely private and confidential. And most importantly, it really works!

Doctors Weight Care Specialists offer unparalleled expertise and know-how. We have experienced phenomenal success with clients who were thoroughly frustrated after having tried repeated exercise and diet attempts. Your health is paramount to your existence.

Count on Doctors Weight Care Specialists for personalized services, vitamin B12 injections, weight loss plans, nutritional supplements, and attention to detail. The staff, including a certified nutritionist, is highly skilled and works one-on-one with you to meet your needs every time. The program, along with the support and motivation given by the staff, makes the difference and the weight comes off at a steady rate.

Your safety is never compromised. A full health and fitness assessment is taken prior to beginning the program. On every visit, we monitor your vital signs, including your blood pressure and pulse.

B-12 injections are a great addition your integrative weight loss program. These injections enhance your energy by helping your body metabolize fat and absorb nutrients more efficiently; providing more energy for your body to use; and helping iron function better in the body. You will feel less tired, lethargic, and run down.

The certified nutritionist, who meets with you every week, weighs you in; takes your vital statistics; measures you; takes your blood statistics; measures you cholesterol levels; and reviews your diet intake chart (a food diary every patient maintains). The program is completely private and confidential. Meeting on a one-on-one basis for 15–30 minutes each week with the certified nutritionist, you will become motivated to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We know how difficult it can be to stick to a diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, so we provide the necessary care, support, and motivation. We support our patients and share in your weight loss success. We understand that our success is tied to our patients' success. If you are ready to change your life, Doctors Weight Care Specialists is here for you. We specialize in results, not excuses. Visit our healthcare office in Largo, Maryland.